Christmas at Glomstad

Christmas Spirit at Glomstad Gjestehus

We welcome you to Glomstad Gjestehus in December for a typical Norwegian Pre-Christmas celebration called “Julebord”. If you dream of a white Christmas 500 meters above sea levels and panoramic views of the Gudbrandsdalen, Rondane and Jotunheimen, this is the place for you. We serve traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner in cozy surroundings.

Several of our buildings at Glomstad Gjestehus are from the 16th century. Our livingroom and part of the dining room have the original walls from the year of construction and are therefore over 220 years old.

We are known for our hospitality and personal service. We can tailor your Christmas party to suit your preferences, and promise you Christmas spirit, as well as a nice, festive and eventful stay here with us.

Plan your Christmas Party today!

Contact us by phone +47 41468015 or send us an email to
and we will gladly help you to make the Christmas Party to remember.


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